Mailbag Update – Football Partcipation Numbers from Coach Greenwood

By: Seth McKinzie

Earlier today, LL published the first edition of the Monday Mailbag. Someone asked what to make of the “lower” participation numbers in GHS football. LL’s response was based on the numbers at the end of the 2018 season, and that likely was not fair to say as an accurate statement on the current program.

After the Mailbag was published, Coach Greenwood reached out to LL and had this to say:

“We increased numbers to 46 over the offseason. The boys worked hard on recruiting. We have had boys quit but we are currently at 40. There may have been fewer than 30 suited out on Friday because I gave the baseball players some time off to catch their breath, we were missing some boys that were getting tuxes for prom, and some out of town. Our goal is to have 20 players per class. We are at 16 a piece for incoming sophomores and juniors*. Our incoming ninth grade numbers are 24 and eighth grade is 32. I had a meeting with the sixth grade boys who will be seventh graders and we had 33 in attendance. Again, the varsity numbers are not near where we want them, but better than we had at anytime last year.”

*Coach Greenwood pointed out the current senior class only has eight total players and that is hurting the overall numbers at the moment.


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