LL Week Two 4A-1 Power Poll

By: Seth McKinzie

LL likes for each team to play at least ONE game before doing any sort of whacky poll. This poll reflects how LL believes the “power rankings” for the 4A-1 stack up after two weeks of games (although some teams have only played one game).

  1. Shiloh Christian (1-0) – The Saints went to Florida and put an Arkansas smack down on a team from the Sunshine State. That surprised LL a bit but it certainly bolstered the belief that Shiloh is still the cream of the crop in 2019.
  2. Pea Ridge (0-2) – Sure the Blackhawks haven’t won a game but they have played stiff competition. LL is a tad concerned Pea Ridge hasn’t been very competitive so far but the Blackhawks started 0-2 in 2018 and turned out just fine.
  3. Gentry (1-1) – Here is the big move. The Pioneers could easily be 2-0 after battling Dardanelle for four quarters in Week Zero. LL does not expect Gentry to STAY here but for now, LL would not confidently pick any other team (except probably Prairie Grove).
  4. Prairie Grove (0-1) – LL expects the Tigers will not stay here long but for now believes it’s fair to put Gentry above them considering how Dardanelle dismantled Charleston in Week One.
  5. Lincoln (1-0) – The Wolves were 56-7 winners. Eight touchdowns in a game is impressive no matter the opponent. LL would like to believe Gravette would have defeated Westville too but likely would not have scored 56 points so….
  6. Gravette (0-1) – Gravette definitely showed signs of guts in the loss to Cascia Hall. Now, there are not many rainbows to slide down losing 38-6 but there was something a tad different in the loss that was not there in 2018. This week’s game versus Farmington will tell LL a lot.
  7. Berryville (1-0) – If Charles Barkley knew anything about Northwest Arkansas high school football he would likely say “West Fork is turrible”. Still the Bobcats absolutely dismantled them (41-0) and LL was very close to putting them at #6.
  8. Green Forest (1-0) – Maybe the Tigers will be more competitive in 2019. LL hopes, for their sake, they can be.