Instant Analysis – Lions Fall 38-6

By: Seth McKinzie

Final Score

Cascia Hall 38 Gravette 6

What happened? 

Not to sound like the disgruntled homer here but the personal foul roughing the passer penalty in the first quarter was a bit questionable and cost the Lions quite a bit of momentum. That would have been a turnover and downs and Gravette’s offense would have come back out onto the field and the score would have remained 7-0. Instead, the call helped Cascia Hall retain possession and eventually led to a touchdown and a 14-0 deficit.

After that, the Lions fell behind 28-0 before finally getting on the board with a Cy Hilger touchdown pass.

What were the bright spots? 

It sounds silly to say but the defense actually kept the halftime score from being a mercy rule. They stiffened their necks a few times and showed signs of life and aggression. That is positive and encouraging.

A few times, the Lions had a player almost sack the quarterback or almost make a tackle for loss. Those opportunities will keep happening and eventually be converted.

What were the lows? 

At least one player had to be helped off the field with an injury to his left leg and he was not putting any weight on it. The picture was a tad too blurry for LL to tell if said player returned.

Senior Mason Dagley was on the sidelines in street clothes. Gravette will need him back soon if the season is going to be successful.

Turnovers. Simply put…the Lions are not good enough to overcome them.

What happens next? 

The Lions get a week to recover as they are OFF for Week One. Class 5A Farmington travels to Gravette on September 13.