By: Seth McKinzie

First of all, if you are reading this site you are part of the LL Family and a huge reason why LL has made it this far. The success of the whole “Lion Lettermen effort” has truly been a humbling experience and speaks to the support of the Gravette community and the excitement around the young people participating in athletics at Gravette High School.

As most know, there are several loyal businesses that sponsor LL virtually every sports season, every school year. Businesses like H&K Heating and Air, Teasley Drug, Studio OZRK, Bank of Gravett, and Women’s Health Associates currently make up the list of great local businesses that believe in what LL is producing. ArcticNWA Cryotherapy did a great unique sponsorship during basketball season. Hard Luck Cafe and LL team up for the Hungry Man Award every football season. Throw in Gravette Athletic Booster Club, along with a couple of private donations, and you have everyone who has monetarily supported Lion Lettermen since August 2018. If you are wondering why some of the others have not been mentioned it is because those great businesses sponsored GHSTV (no money to LL) during the livestreams.

Running this operation is a ton of fun but it does require to drop some cash on a few things such as the website, software, equipment, and other web hosting services. This is why LL was hoping some folks would donate/sponsor the effort to bring live audio of many of the baseball and softball games. LL’s plan would involve getting a host site for the live audio, which also has an app, and then be able to compensate those who do the play-by-play.

Over the last few months there have been a few questions about donations, meaning just individual folks who do not own businesses but still want to support LL. The term “donation” sounds as if LL is trying to run a “Go Fund Me” page but this is not the case. Let’s look at it almost as a voluntary subscription. Sort of like a newspaper or other service you enjoy.

As readers know, all of LL’s content is free. Every single video and word. LL thought for a while about putting a small monthly fee of 99-cents for “premium” content on the website but that seemed silly. That idea was trashed.

The idea of small donations, however, is one that could lead to quite a bit more for the LL operation. If you have a child that plays baseball and a grandparent lives a long way from the games, and you would love for said grandparent to have a chance to listen to some games, then this could be a way for you to help make that happen.

LL is not “hard up” for money, so please do not think that. Really, what it amounts to is covering the costs associated with the streaming services and equipment. If there is a bit of money left over afterward, great. If not, that is great too. The goal is ultimately to bring the coverage to listeners and to help these young GHS athletes get the exposure they deserve.

So, how do you do that? There are a couple of ways. If you have Apple Pay, you can send a donation that way. Just shoot LL a private message on Facebook and we can iron out the details exchanging phone numbers, etc. Venmo? Find LL under the handle @Seth-McKinzie and send over a donation. If you are someone who prefers good old fashioned check writing that is totally fine. Just make a check out to “McKinzie Media LLC” and send it to:

Seth McKinzie    5604 S 63rd St      Rogers, AR 72758

To repeat, LL is not looking for HUGE donations. If 25 folks send $20, that will go a very long way toward the sort of content LL is looking to provide. Right now, the deadline to bring the audio content for at least 10 softball and baseball games (20 games total) is 12:00 (NOON) on Wednesday, February 20.

If you do own a business and want to sponsor, please let LL know. LL sends invoices, receipts, and operates under an Arkansas Limited Liability Corporation that is in “good standing” with the state.

And, if you are wondering about LL’s reach well…

  • LL’s YouTube has 522 subscribers
  • LL’s Facebook has almost 1400 Likes
  • LL’s Twitter has over 600 followers
  • LL’s Instagram is quickly gaining speed
  • LL’s website has had over 100,000 site visits overall and almost 35,000 in the past 30 days

This isn’t quite a small potatoes operation anymore.

If you send a donation and LL does not make the amount needed to justify the spring sports audio stream, your donation will be given back. No strings attached. No begging.

As always, thank you for your continued support. Keep reading. Keep watching. Keep listening.

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