4A-1 Football Predictions – LL Official

By: Seth McKinzie

High school football can sometimes be very easy to predict. In many instances, there are two or three teams that stand out above every other and most can comfortably pencil in those squads as their “favorites” to win the conference and make the playoffs.

The 2019 4A-1 season really does not appear to be much different, at least with predicting the top three teams. After that, LL did have to really step back and think about how the season will go for numbers four through eight.

Here are the “official” LL 4A-1 football predictions. This is the prediction ORDER OF FINISH.

  1. Shiloh Christian
  2. Pea Ridge
  3. Prairie Grove
  4. Lincoln
  5. Gentry
  6. Gravette
  7. Berryville
  8. Green Forest

Honestly, LL thinks #4-#7 could be easily re-arranged and there would not be much to argue about. Many teams lost quite a few playmakers, including Shiloh Christian who had one of their main guys move to Van Buren when his father was named the Pointers defensive coordinator.

Some will likely raise eyebrows at the Lions being so low. LL just can not take a team that finished 2018 at 1-9, was mercy ruled often, and lost the vast majority of the offensive line and place them much higher.

There ARE reasons to be excited about the football team. A new head coach, talented skill players, and just renewed passion should give Gravette fans something to cheer about. LL certainly does not this there will be the litany of blowout losses like last year and does have some hope the Lions might be able to sneak up on a few teams.

The schedule is pretty difficult, however, and LL will be releasing a breakdown of that very soon.

NOTE: The format of LL is changing to include a bit more emphasis on the podcast. The thought is to have a podcast episode be released each Monday (or Tuesday) and then again Friday.